Our Admin !!

Hello!! We’re Getting New Admins This Year !! Lets Meet Them!!


  1. Bang! Tan!! 안녕하세요~ My Name is JinJja and I’m The Admin In Charge of BTS Articles Here!. I will Post Mostly BTS Articles Based on My Opinion and The Fact. I will Also Update about Their Comeback and Maybe Lyrics and Stuffs That A.R.M.Y-deul will need.Nice To Meet You …
  2. We Are One! 안녕하세요~My Name is HunHan and I’m The Admin In Charge of EXO articles Here!! I will post my articles relevant to my Schedule (Since I’ve got some things to do too..). Nice To Meet You…
  3. Say The Name Seventeen!! 안녕하세요~ My Name is JeongWoo (JeongHan&Wonwoo) and I’m The Admin In Charge of Seventeen’s articles Here!! I will  post some articles here!! Not Only JeongHan and WonWoo but I will post other members.. Please wait for the next article that I will post!! Nice to Meet You.
  4. B.A.P Yes Sir! 안녕하세요~ My Name is DaeJae and I’m the admin in charge of B.A.P Updates..  I will post some articles and news about B.A.P. My Main Is DaeHyun and YoungJae But I will Post About Other Members as well.. Nice To Meet You.
  5. Boys Republic! 안녕하세요~ My Name is DaSoo and I’m The admin In Charge Of Boys Republic Updates. I will post articles relevant to my schedule too because I’m so busy on weekdays. Nice To Meet You.
  6. 안녕하세요~ My Name is YongHyuk and I’m The admin in charge of CNBLUE Updates. Nice To Meet You
  7. Come and Get It GOT7 안녕하세요~ My Name is JinBam and I’m the Admin In charge of GOT7 articles.. I will post some articles and Imagines as well. Nice to meet you.
  8. 안녕하세요~ My Name is Namu and I’m The Admin in Charge of Infinite Articles. You’ve been seen a lot of my Post.. Like The Infinite Showtime (Sorry if the link doesn’t really work..), Infinite Profiles.. This year I will Post Some of My Amazing articles Here. Nice To Meet You.

That’s Our 8  Admins. Please wait for their Post in the future..


Thank You


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