Meet BTS, The One of The Popular K-POP Group That Probably You Know.

This Is BTS. An Acronym of Bulletproof Boy scouts or 방탄소년단

BTS Consist Of 7 Members:

Picture 1 : From Left To Right : J-Hope, Jimin, Rap Monster, JungKook, Jin, TaeHyung, Suga.

Picture 2: From Left To Right : Taehyung, Suga, Jin, JungKook, Rap Monster, Jimin,  J-Hope.

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys (Hangul: 방탄소년단; Romanization : Bangtan Sonyeondan), is a seven-member South Korean Boy Group formed by Big Hit Entertainment. The name of the band, Bangtan Sonyeondan, is a combination of “방탄” which means bulletproof and “소년단” which means Boy Scouts.  They debuted on June 13, 2013 with the song “No More Dream” from their first album, 2 Cool 4 Skool.

Now… May I Introduce All Of The Members??

(ps: Even Though Jin Is The Oldest, I will Introduce You from the Leader First)


This Is  Rap Monster

Don’t Worry… He’s Not a Monster…

His Name is Kim Nam Joon. Born on 12 September 1994. He’s The Leader, and The Rapper of BTS. He Loves to Compose Songs (and Mostly He Post it on Twitter). He can Speak English Fluently.  His Nickname is God of Destruction (because everything he touch will broke more easily??)


This is Jin

His Name is Kim Seok Jin. Born on 4th December 1992. He’s the Oldest, The Visual, and The Vocalist of BTS, and also my Personal Favorite. He’s loves to Cook (and also eating). Jin’s Favorite Color is Pink. His Nickname’s are Eomma Jin and Pink Princess.


This Is Suga

Ah… I’m Getting Cavities..

His Name is Min Yoon Gi. Born on 9 March 1993. He’s The Rapper of BTS. He Can Rap so Good.  He Loves to Take a Photo. His Nickname is Motionless Min (Because Yeah… That’s Why…. )


This Is J-Hope

His Name is Jung Ho Seok. Born On 18 February 1994. He’s Good at Dancing and Rapping. (His Dancing Skills are mesmerizing) and He’s The Mood Maker in BTS. He’s so Cheerful and Can Made The Gloomy BTS into a Happy One. His Nickname is King Wang Zzang!!


This is Jimin

His Name is Park Jimin. Born on 13 October 1995. He’s The Main Vocal (so He’s Good at Singing..) and good at Dancing. Popular of His Jams In BTS (No Offense) and His Abs..(Oh My Oh My..). His Nickname is Dooly (because apparently he looks like one when he puffs his cheeks out)


This Is V



His Name is Kim TaeHyung. Born On 30 December 1995. He’s Good at Singing (Low Notes) and He’s Known as Alien in BTS because he’s not “normal”. His Nickname is Blank Tae (because he always has a blank expression).


Last.. This is The Maknae.. JungKook

JungKook, The Bias Wreckers Of A.R.M.Y. The One Member That Has Made A.R.M.Y to Think Twice Before Choosing Their Bias.

His Name is Jeon Jungkook. Born On 1 September 1997. His Specialities..? Don’t Ask Me. He Can Do Anything.. (Except Marrying You ㅋㅋㅋ) . He Can Sing, Dance, Even Rap He Can Do It. His Nickname is Golden Maknae Because He Can Do Everything..


So That’s All… This is BTS. So Now.. Do You Find Your Bias?? (Or Confused??)


ps : I can’t Believe that I would Post This Article. I used to unlike Them.. But.. My Eyes were Opened Now..




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