SEVENTEEN – WHO (English/Hangul/Romanized) Lyrics

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Hangul / Romanized / English



수면 아래 잠든 거대한 움직임이

Sumyeon arae jamdeun geodaehan umjikimi

The big movement who is asleep beneath the surface


이제 시작댔지 커지는 물곁의 떨임

Ije sijakdwaetji keojineun mulgyeotui tteolim

Now, The New Feeling is starting



내 안을 들여다봐

nae aneul deuryeodabwa

Look inside me



숨겨와던 나를 볼 거야 Baby Baby

sumgyeowatdeon nareul bol geoya Baby Baby

Look, I’m gonna see you Baby Baby



늘 봐왔던 모습을 상상했다면 큰 오산

Neul bwawatdeon moseubeul sangsanghaetdamyeon keun osan

If you’ve ever imagined what you’ve always seen, you’re mistaken.


이 걸 보고도 천과 다를 게 없다면 눈 삔 거야

I geol bogodo cheongwa dareul ge eopsdamyeon nun ppin geoya

If you look at it, you’ll see it if you don’t have anything else to do.


원래 단물 빠진 껌은 씹다 버려지기 마련

Wonrae danmul ppajin geomeun ssipda beoryeojigi maryeon

Like the sweet taste of chewing gum that will be thrown away.


앞으로 영원히 곱쎕게 될걸

apeuro yeongwonhi gobswepge dwelgeol

And It’ll be forever.


Cuz 이것마저 차별

Cuz Igeotmajeo cha byeol

Cuz, This is Unfair


[Jun] Enigmatic Oh



I just can do that 감출 수 없네

I just can do that gamchul su eobne

I just Can do that I can’t hide it


I just can do that  숨길 수 없네

I just can do that sumgil su eobne

I just can do that I can’t hide it


다 꺼내 줄게 너도 그를 원해

da kkyeonae julge neodo geureul wonhae

I gonna get you out. Even though you want that person too


I just can do do do


[Hoshi] Enigmatic Oh


새로운 날 볼 거야 넌 또

saeroun nal bol geoya neon tto

I’m gonna see a new day, with you again.


I’m so enigmatic oh


새로운 날 볼 거야 넌 또

Saeroun nal bol geoya neon tto

I’m gonna see a new day, with you again.



(Whoa Oh Oh Wo) 네 눈을 의싱해봐

ne nuneul euisinghaebwa

Keep Your Eyes Open


펀건 저 너머 또 다른 걸 보게 되니까

pyeongeon jeo neomeo tto dareun geol boge dwenikka

I see something else that you’re looking for.


그만 얽매여 (Whoa Oh Oh Wo)

Geuman eorkmaeyeo

Stop limiting me.



누구 누구 누구 Who

Nugu Nugu Nugu Who

Who Who Who Who


혹 바뀌어 구분 안 되지 너도 몰라 갸우뜽

huk bakkwieo gubun an dweji neodo molla gyautteung

I can’t change it. I don’t know. You don’t know.


사람들은 수군수군 Who

Saramdeureun sugun sugun Who

People whispers Who


호불호 따윈 없어 넋 놓아 묵음 상태 죽음

hobulho ttawin eobseo neok noha mokeum

At the state that I can or can’t let go


창조해 무에서 유

changjohae mueseo yu

Create it from scratch.


구식 아닌 New

gusik anin New

Not Old Type New


꿈꾸는 정도로 Show you

Kkumkkuneun jeongdoro Show You

I’ll Show You To the best of one’s dreams


[Dino & The8]

잘 몪어 놔, 잡고 있어 꽉, 정신줄

Jal mokkeo nwa, jabgo isseo kkwak jeongsinjeul

Take it easy, hold on tight, consciously



I just can do that 감출 수 없네

I just can do that gamchul su eobne

I Just can do that I can’t hide it


I just can do that  숨길 수 없네

I just can do that sumgil su eobne

I just Can do that, I can’t hide it


다 꺼내 줄게 너도 그를 원해

da kkyeonae julge neodo geureul wonhae

I gonna get you out. Even though you want that person too


I just can do do do




NU’EST Profile and Biography

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Oh.. I mean NU’EST



(NU’EST Canvas Photoshoot, From Left to Right : BaekHo, MinHyun, Ren, Aron and JR)


Now Probably you were asking me, What is a NU’EST

(Left Picture : Qis Album Concept Photo, Right Picture : NU’EST Qis Promotion)


NU’EST is not a Thing.. NU’EST is a South Korean Boy Group from Pledis Entertainment. NU’EST is an acronym of New Established Style Tempo. NU’EST made their debut with their first single Face on March 15 2012 ,with their debut stage on M! Countdown that same day. NU’EST began airing their first reality show, Making of a Star: NU’EST Landing Operation, during their promotional period.

NU’EST is Well-known by their style.. Their Debut song Face grabbed so many people hearts. Face is more suitable for Teenagers. The Meaning of The Song is to stop bullying on the School. This is The Music Video

Their Second Mini Album, Action grabbed attention to many music lovers. It released on July 11 2012. Their Style is the same, they take the same electro music in their songs.. This is The Music Video Below

NU’EST returned with the second mini album Hello, on February 13 2013. They tried to get out from their Electronic concept and started to use more ballad.. But.. This Song never win in the digital sales and the physical sales.. This is the Music Video

NU’EST not afraid of Failures or stuff, They still produce music as their style.. NU’EST returned on August 22 2013  with their third mini album Sleep Talking, My most favorite album of all.. but, It turned out to be true, This Album didn’t win anything, and this album is the most unwanted.. (Although I loved it so much..) This album reminds me of that Old times when I started to like NU’EST.. This is the very fun music video.

After that, NU’EST began to enter the Chinese market in November with the addition of a new member Jason, exclusively for Chinese promotions, undertaking the name NU’EST-M for the project. NU’EST-M recorded Chinese versions of Face and Sleep Talking and promoted them throughout China. But NU’EST-M didn’t go well, Jason went out from NU’EST-M and NU’EST-M automatically not too recognized..

On July 2014, A Year Passed, NU’EST returned with their first full album Re:BIRTH with Good Bye Bye as the title track. This song is telling about a one sided love and is about to end that one sided love. This Album Titled Re:BIRTH and filled with amazing title tracks that NU’EST have made and Not easily recognized as a good song by so many people.. This is The Music Video


After That, They went to Japan and don’t promote in Korea For a Time Being.. NU’EST in Japan and in Korea doesn’t have any differences. Not Like, NU’EST is more popular in Japan, But their existence is still not too known to public..

NU’EST released a digital single I’m Bad on February 27 2015 with a limited edition physical release on March 15 2015 , to celebrate their third anniversary. Baekho did not appear on the title track due to him still recovering from his vocal cord polyps surgery, but did appear on the B-side track. This is the Music Video.


NU’EST didn’t promote and Comeback anything after that. It was a very long and so boring Year for LOVE (NU’EST fanclub). For That Moment I was drifted away, (as a fan) to other fanclub for a moment, so I didn’t bored to death that much..

NU’EST struggles a lot for their fans so they can perform again.. It was a long year..

On February 17 2016, NU’EST returned with their fourth mini album Q Is with “Overcome” as the title track. They began promotions for the album the following day. I was so happy when I see them perform again.

On August 29 2016,  They released their fifth mini album Canvas and the accompanying single “Love Paint (Every Afternoon)”. This album consist of 5 tracks. My favorite track is Daybreak sung by MinHyun and JR and The Title Track of Course, Love Paint (Every Afternoon). It Title Track Finally made history, on “The Show”‘s September 6th episode. With a highly anticipated comeback, the NU’EST boys were announced as 1st place nominees, and ultimately took home 2nd place. Hooray!! But I know there will be hope for them to win the first place.


Now.. You Know What is NU’EST and what is their albums and Stuff..


Now I will introduce you, The Members..






This is  JR (Stands For Junior Royal). His Real Name is Kim Jonghyun (김종현). His Birthday is on June 8 1995. His Position is a Leader, Rapper, and Dancer. He likes to watch anime (Anime Otaku). His Personality is A powerful charisma behind a pure innocent boy
JR’s ideal type is someone who is strong on the outside but tender on the inside (backwards of his personality ㅋㅋㅋ)

Now.. The Next Member



This is Aron Kwak. His Real korean name is Kwak Young Min ( 곽영민). His Birthday is on May 21, 1993. He’s from Los Angeles, California. His Position is a Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, and Sub-Vocalist. His Personality is The romantic guy, ladies’ lover, Aaron knows how to handle his smooth and natural charm. Aron’s ideal type is a girl with a bright and pure smile.






This is Hwang MinHyun (My Favorite Member/ Bias). Real Name?? I already Told You (황민현). His Birthday is on August 8 1995. His Position is Lead Vocalist, Dancer, Face of The Group. His Personality is : Conservative man with sharp and intellectual charms. MinHyun’s ideal type is someone (Ooh!!) who cooks well and has an interest in fashion.




This is BaekHo. His Real Name is Kang DongHo (강동호). His Birthday is on July 21 1995. His Position is Main Vocalist. His Personality is Sexy and masculine with true loyalty. BaekHo’s ideal type is a girl who cooks well and has a lot of aegyo.


The Last One!!




This is Ren (My Second Bias). His Real Name is Choi Min Ki (최민키). His Birthday is on November 3 1995. His Position Sub-Vocalist, Dancer, Maknae. Ren is well known and the most liked by ㄴㅇㅅㅌ. (I think, cause when I know NU’EST for the first time, I only recognize this one beautiful human being. His Personality is Unpredictable cute guy with metro sexual charm. Maknae’s Should be cute right? , No?. Ren’s ideal type is a girl who “lies down looking at the blue sky above the green fields”. I think that He wants to say that His Ideal type is a girl that likes to day dream??. Oh, One Thing, He said, He likes girl that have short hair (Low maintenance).




That’s  A Wrap about NU’EST and Stuffs, If You want to know MORE  about NU’EST please just comment down below!! I will be there to help you!!

And This is Their Latest MV Love Paint!! It’s Really Good. From The Music to the filming..


So Long!!


OptimusRen admin












Unidentified = You



It’s been a long time since the last post of mine..

This is Jinjja Admin along with JeongWoo admin wants you tto know

That we have collaborated to make a FanFiction with BTS and Seventeen Themed


Synopsis :

A story about an Immortal named Seo YeolMi was insisted to take care a Human Named Kim Seok Jin. Her Father Seo EunKwang are In danger because of his brother Lee MinHyuk That wants to take over the Immortal World.. Her Angel Friend Yoon JeongHan was secretly likes her.. The Romance, Action and Fanfiction are combined into One!!


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Thank You For Reading, I hope you give vote to our Very First FanFiction


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Meet BTS, The One of The Popular K-POP Group That Probably You Know.

This Is BTS. An Acronym of Bulletproof Boy scouts or 방탄소년단

BTS Consist Of 7 Members:

Picture 1 : From Left To Right : J-Hope, Jimin, Rap Monster, JungKook, Jin, TaeHyung, Suga.

Picture 2: From Left To Right : Taehyung, Suga, Jin, JungKook, Rap Monster, Jimin,  J-Hope.

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys (Hangul: 방탄소년단; Romanization : Bangtan Sonyeondan), is a seven-member South Korean Boy Group formed by Big Hit Entertainment. The name of the band, Bangtan Sonyeondan, is a combination of “방탄” which means bulletproof and “소년단” which means Boy Scouts.  They debuted on June 13, 2013 with the song “No More Dream” from their first album, 2 Cool 4 Skool.

Now… May I Introduce All Of The Members??

(ps: Even Though Jin Is The Oldest, I will Introduce You from the Leader First)


This Is  Rap Monster

Don’t Worry… He’s Not a Monster…

His Name is Kim Nam Joon. Born on 12 September 1994. He’s The Leader, and The Rapper of BTS. He Loves to Compose Songs (and Mostly He Post it on Twitter). He can Speak English Fluently.  His Nickname is God of Destruction (because everything he touch will broke more easily??)


This is Jin

His Name is Kim Seok Jin. Born on 4th December 1992. He’s the Oldest, The Visual, and The Vocalist of BTS, and also my Personal Favorite. He’s loves to Cook (and also eating). Jin’s Favorite Color is Pink. His Nickname’s are Eomma Jin and Pink Princess.


This Is Suga

Ah… I’m Getting Cavities..

His Name is Min Yoon Gi. Born on 9 March 1993. He’s The Rapper of BTS. He Can Rap so Good.  He Loves to Take a Photo. His Nickname is Motionless Min (Because Yeah… That’s Why…. )


This Is J-Hope

His Name is Jung Ho Seok. Born On 18 February 1994. He’s Good at Dancing and Rapping. (His Dancing Skills are mesmerizing) and He’s The Mood Maker in BTS. He’s so Cheerful and Can Made The Gloomy BTS into a Happy One. His Nickname is King Wang Zzang!!


This is Jimin

His Name is Park Jimin. Born on 13 October 1995. He’s The Main Vocal (so He’s Good at Singing..) and good at Dancing. Popular of His Jams In BTS (No Offense) and His Abs..(Oh My Oh My..). His Nickname is Dooly (because apparently he looks like one when he puffs his cheeks out)


This Is V



His Name is Kim TaeHyung. Born On 30 December 1995. He’s Good at Singing (Low Notes) and He’s Known as Alien in BTS because he’s not “normal”. His Nickname is Blank Tae (because he always has a blank expression).


Last.. This is The Maknae.. JungKook

JungKook, The Bias Wreckers Of A.R.M.Y. The One Member That Has Made A.R.M.Y to Think Twice Before Choosing Their Bias.

His Name is Jeon Jungkook. Born On 1 September 1997. His Specialities..? Don’t Ask Me. He Can Do Anything.. (Except Marrying You ㅋㅋㅋ) . He Can Sing, Dance, Even Rap He Can Do It. His Nickname is Golden Maknae Because He Can Do Everything..


So That’s All… This is BTS. So Now.. Do You Find Your Bias?? (Or Confused??)


ps : I can’t Believe that I would Post This Article. I used to unlike Them.. But.. My Eyes were Opened Now..




Concept Photo 2

The Boys are BURNING !!!

In Their Special Album Titled “화양연화 : Young Forever. ” (Translated : The Most Beautiful Moment In Life : Young Forever.)

Their New Song “불타오르네 (Fire)” Got  Much Attention because  Their Hip-Hop Music with a Hint Of Electronic Music . The Boys delivers an amazing Rap Sections.

Their New Album “화양연화 : Young Forever.” Contains 23 Tracks. CD 1 Contains Their  amazing Hits like :  I Need U , Run , Dope ,Their Title Song “불타오르네 (Fire)”, and Epilogue : Young Forever   . Meanwhile, The 2nd CD contains Remixes Of Their Songs and Many More.

The Album is divided to 2 version. The Day and The Night Album. The Tracks are The Same, But The Difference is only the Cover, Poster and The Photobook.

So, What Are You Waiting For !!? Watch The Breathtaking Videos Here!!